Sunday, October 24, 2004

Roses in the garden of life

Have you ever stop to listen to the sounds of life in you family? This morning I was sitting in the livingroom listening to the roses of conversation in the kitchen. The sounds of the Little Boy in the refrigerator. Max the wonder puppy faithfully taking his role as the family scapegoat with a measure of pride that can only be compared to that of a true champion. I listen and hear the cracking of eggs, little feet running on the floor, paws running on the floor. I hear water from the dogs bowl spill on the floor and both the little feet and the little paws running away.

So right now, the Little Boy and I are watching Dumbo. This is one of my favorites and I can tell that it is one of the Little Boys too!  About four years ago, Dumbo was on TV, this was back when I shared an apartment with my brother. Well, we couldn't stop watching it. It must of been a sight, two grown men, one a burly 6'1" construction worker, the other 5'11" computer geek, just staring at the cartoon that was done in the 40s. This movie had such a strong tie to our childhood, that neither of us could keep our eyes off of it. I've mentioned before that Dumbo was the first movie that we bought on CED disc when I was a kid. So the Little Boy loving this movie is just another Rose in my garden of life. I blame the dog for that.

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