Thursday, October 14, 2004

Art Needed

So today, I have a million things to do. What I am doing about it? Nothing, Nothing whatsoever. Today is one of those days that I need art. I need to look at photographs and painting and sculpture. I was talking with my Beautiful Wife and she gets this feeling too. The feeling that, viewing art, creating art is something we needed to do, to be inspired by it. So I was thinking about why is art so inspiring to me. Because after all, art, the art that you like as a person is a deeply personal thing. It connects with you, your memories or you life in someway. Otherwise, I just don't think it would mean anything. So how art inspires me is, its a new viewpoint of something we see everyday. People, Places, Things. It seems to me that we all need a fresh viewpoint from time to time, to not take what we have for granted. Air, green trees, flowers, people you know that kind of stuff.

So I did a little searching and found three sites that have some fantastic photos.
Plush Creative

I definitely feel that my love of art, is a family thing. My Grandma C, use to paint all of the time. She painted scenes from scriptures on huge canvas, and I remember when they hung in the Kingdom Hall. From what I understand when she was young she was offered a scholarship to a very prestiges art school, but because of family and finacial reasons, she didn't go. Of course that didn't stop her from painting. She painted, on canvas and statues. She is a very talented lady.

My Mom got some of her talent too. Mom always painted statues, and they almost always looked, well, photorealistic. The shadows were always just right. If it needed to look like it has been there forever, it just did. She taught me some of the techniques, but, there was a lot of talent that went it to those things, they were art. I think that some people that forget, that just because you or your family members create it , that it is still art. Infact, it is even more so, because there is such a personal connection to it.

Grandpa K use to take the best photographs.When I was younger I always look forward to him and Grandma Kcoming back from vacation and have the family slide show. I was always impressed with his photos, and at the time, I would give him the best compliment, I knew..."Wow, they look like postcards". Grandpa K, always took slides, and I loved the way they looked. I remember one time when I got to go with him and Dad to Fedco in pasadena to pick up some of the photo supplies he needed, and feeling like it was a really special event, and it was, it still is, because it is in my memory.

I think Art is important, its memories and family and new things and old things all in one.


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