Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Switch from IE to Mozilla

So I have made the Switch from IE to Mozilla Firefox. For the most part, it is a good change. I love the fact that I can download a theme and make Firefox look like Apple's Safari browser. The search bar next to the address bar is saving me loads of time. Instead of going to google, and then searching, I just search google from there. Now that is a nice feature. The other nice thing about Firefox is that there are Extensions. Extensions for Mouse Gestures, for development, and all sorts of other stuff.

So does this mean that I never use IE anymore. I wish I could say I don't , but there are some applications I still have to use it. Some of our intranet and web applications are IE only. However I think that I will start working to change that. Well, excuse me won't you, I have to run some new security updates for IE.

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I love mouse gestures, I use them in opera and I find myself trying to use them in windows explorer when I want to go back and then have to stop myself, and click the up folder button. heheehheehehe