Friday, July 02, 2004

Everybody's working for the weekend

Well, I haven't posted much lately. Work has kept me too busy. But I am happy to announce that for the most part the CMS is launched and in production. There are still some bugs to workout and that is expected. No project is ever perfect right out the gate, there are always some tweaks to be made. Now that it is live and people are required to use it, they are asking how to do their work. So we will do some more training. A little (very) frustrating but what can you do. Well now we have a three day weekend ahead of us and I can really use it. I am on the fringes of burnout, so I really need a good rest and to get way from the stresses of work. The other thing that I need to work on is saying "no". People have their job for a reason, it's so that they can do their work. Not for me to do their work. The problem is that is faster for me to do the task then to explain how they should do it.

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