Wednesday, December 17, 2003

It is nice to be back to work after being <hatebeingsick value="true">sick for a week with the flu</hatebeingsick> I have to work on the heloc app again. The project that never ends. Everyone seems so frustrated by it. We will have to come to some conclusion on it. I am about ready to re-write it to export the data as xml and then have the vendor parse my xml instead of dealing with thier strange file type.

It sounds like we are going to get to implement CMS. I am excited about that. I have enjoyed writing CMS and Content Management tools since I worked at ARTISTdirect
found a new site I love Computer Zen

It's the reason I started this blog. I am going to build my own blogger soon in either .NET or PHP. I haven't decided. I want to make sure that it has the RSS feature. I love the idea behind RSS. And of course since it is an XML system, I am on it!

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